Women's Program

Are you ready to feel empowered again?

Join all the women who are taking control of their health and living life to the fullest.

Remember those long walks, outdoor activities or family hikes that used to be fun? 

After being sore for a couple days you would feel back to normal (maybe even losing a little weight in the process).

Now, it seems like your metabolism has hit rock bottom, you have difficulty sleeping, irritability, and weight gain typically in the mid-section. It’s also common to develop heavier or irregular periods, experience a decrease in energy, and find it difficult to focus and concentrate. Our Elite Program doesn't just manage these issues, it reverses them--leaving you looking more vibrant and healthy than your college years.


Cenegenics® is recognize for pioneering the way in female age management solutions. Our physician are trained to understand what’s truly causing your body discomfort. Locating the root causes of hidden health issues is the only way to create personalized science-driven programs that effectively restore glowing energy and all day vitality.

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Elite Health



Become Your Best Self

Our exclusive benefits include

Blood Sample

Blood Analysis

Test Tube

Early Detection Testing for a Variety of Diseases


Customized Health, Nutrition + Exercise Plan


Nutritional Supplementation + *Hormone Optimization


Unlimited Access to Your Cenegenics Team

*when clinically indicated

Member Transformation

Stacy Modeer
Diana Valdes

An Exclusive Team Develops a Personalized Plan for Your Demanding Lifestyle

Our physician training is rigorous and in-depth. It takes intense focus and drive to complete the program. We allow just 1% of the physicians who enter our extensive training to hold the title of being Cenegenics® certified (we only allow the finest for our patients). At one point or another, we have all experienced doctors that have glossed over diagnosis reports and seemed to lack explanation of treatment. Our incredibly dedicated physicians take the time to explain all aspect of your body chemistry and underlying health concerns so that they make sense to you. Working together closely, they a build a plan that compliments your demanding lifestyle, answering any and all questions in the process.

The Cenegenics® Elite Evaluation

  • Comprehensive Blood Analysis – Identifies risk factors, inflammatory markers and hormone levels
  • DEXA Scan – Body composition scan including: body fat %, muscle mass and bone density
  • CIMT – Ultrasound of carotid artery. Measures arterial thickness and verifies for carotid plaque.
  • Physical Assessment – Movement and flexibility analysis; postural assessments; muscular strength and endurance testing
  • VO2 Max Testing – Measurement of cardiopulmonary efficiency
  • Neurocognitive Assessment Testing
  • Physician Consultation – Open ended meeting with physician reviewing assessment and creating a customized plan

The Elite Health Program

After you have completed your Elite Health Evaluation, you will have answers to your overall health that you didn’t have before. Thanks to our sophisticated, medical approach to age management, you can finally take control of your health with a personalized program, designed to make a significant difference in your life. We will take corrective actions to help your body function at the highest-possible level, integrating a synergistic program of low-glycemic nutrition, appropriate exercise, nutraceutical supplementation and hormone optimization, if clinically indicated.






Within a few days after the evaluation day and prescribed changes in my food habits, my body began feeling lighter, my mind clearer than ever before and my retention improved in great measure. All of these have added new dimensions to my work and life.

S.M. - Las Vegas, NV


I feel like a new woman. I cannot believe how much better I feel. This is the first time in three years I’ve not had a blasting headache at 4 pm. No more Valium to sleep and I’m waking up naturally after eight hours. I was squished into a size 16 and now am in a loose 12. And I have no cravings. I feel human again and together.

P.R. - Nahant, MA


I am so grateful for helping me become healthier and more vibrant. I was in such a low place, feeling lost and hopeless about what I could do to ever feel strong and get to a healthy weight again. I’m losing weight, feeling stronger. I no longer feel the despair and frustration about how my life was going.

G.S. - Vacaville, CA


Discover How to Defy Your Age™

Are you ready to transform your body and mind and start living life to the fullest? Cenegenics® is ready to help you take back your health, your energy and your renewed vigor for life! Discover why Cenegenics® is #1 in concierge medicine.