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Cenegenics® physicians take a 100% personalized + comprehensive approach to health optimization.

They incorporate scientific, evidence-based tactics to enable patients to live active, healthy lifestyles as they age.

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Cenegenics® is the undisputed clinical leader in the field of health optimization medicine. Our physicians go beyond disease-based medicine and focus on preventive medicine. They help you get to the root causes of underlying health issues, helping you to feel and look your best at every age.

Each Cenegenics® physician has completed the Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging in Age Management Medicine program, sponsored by the Age Management Medicine Education Foundation (AMMEF), the educational division of Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation (CERF) - providing our physicians with a specialized skillset to practice this medical specialty.


In 1997, Cenegenics® pioneered Age Management Medicine and has since been regarded as the Premier Standard in the medical community. 

Based on an internal study of the last 200 Cenegenics® patients completing their first annual re-evaluation, the average body fat percentage declined 30% from the initial evaluation when joining the Cenegenics® program*

Physicians trust us, as their families represent 25% of our elite membership.

How It Works 

The Cenegenics® Program starts with a full-day extensive evaluation. The purpose is to determine your disease risk factors and the baseline of your body chemistry and current health. The evaluation encompasses extensive testing and diagnostics which our physicians use to drill down and identify underlying issues such as low energy or inability to lose weight.

The results of this evaluation then allow our physicians to fully customize your program to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve optimal health. To us, achieving optimal health means going beyond the “normal” ranges of traditional medicine, which encompass metrics from unhealthy populations. Instead, we strive for wellness optimization and balance all biologic levels to target true measures of improved health.



Your initial complimentary phone consultation lays the foundation for a rewarding partnership between you and your physician. Use this opportunity to ask questions, describe your personal wellness optimization goals in detail, and learn more about the Cenegenics® program.



Our Elite Health Evaluation is the most comprehensive assessment available in age defiance and health optimization medicine. It encompasses comprehensive lab panels, VO2 max testing, and DEXA body composition scan which provides the most precise measurement of muscle mass, body fat, and bone density. Muscular strength and endurance testing are also included, along with a thorough physician consultation and examination. You’ll also consult with nutrition and exercise experts to help our team establish a baseline and specific lifestyle adjustments to help you reach your goals.

In addition, our evaluation features a CIMT Scan, which is not included in typical medical assessments but is critically important for measuring arterial health. This test gives our physicians an advanced insight towards heart health to determine heart disease risk. Considering traditional medicine tends to mischaracterize low-risk populations and as many as 50% of patients in this category go on to have heart events, the CIMT Scan is one of the most valuable tools we have for preventing and addressing heart-related issues. [1]



For your convenience, you’ll have the ability to consult with your physician over the phone as often as you see fit. We only require one annual in-person re-evaluation, but all other questions can be answered via phone and email. Many of our program participants find monthly check-ins to be most effective for maintaining progress and revisiting their goals as needed.



At Cenegenics®, we understand that defying your age isn’t just about preventing disease and allowing your body to function at its best level. It’s also about feeling confident in the way you look. We allow you to reclaim your glory days™ by giving you the tools to not only feel great, but also look great, too. Losing weight and achieving a more vibrant, youthful appearance are just some of the added byproducts of pursuing the healthiest version of yourself with our program.


Patient Results

Dr. Juan Chavez
Michael Howl
Stacy Modeer
William Blowers
Diana Valdes
Mark Thorton

As you can see from the results above, our patients wind up looking healthier – and in many cases, even younger – than they did when they first started with Cenegenics®. While there’s never any obligation and we maintain a no-contract program, many of our patients have been with us for decades. Both the short- and long-term benefits our patients witness tend to be compelling enough to make our expert clinicians their preferred medical team for many years.

Cenegenics Education & Research Foundation (CERF) 

CERF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to Physician and Allied Health Professional’s education and advancement in clinical research. The educational arm, AMM Education Foundation, hosts an educational course- Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging. All Cenegenics® physicians are required to complete this educational program as part of our science driven knowledge base, and it is considered the premier standard for AMM education. AMM Education Foundation’s Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging is the only Cenegenics® approved premier educational provider.

The course includes web-based home study modules and on-site format:

  • Online home study begins immediately
  • Five-day classroom study
  • Actual case studies/situations reviewed in problem-solving discussions
  • Extensive literature-based support
  • Online assessment to demonstrate mastery of material and competency

Each physician completes the above course and, once accepted as a Cenegenics® physician, completes shadowing patients under the supervision of the Director of Education. Additional ongoing education is provided, which Cenegenics® created as an in-depth Cenegenics® Core Curriculum. A monthly Cenegenics® Clinical Updates is also hosted internally to discuss advancements in clinical research, Cenegenics® protocols and share patient cases.