How Can Cenegenics® Help You?

Take back your health with Cenegenics®

Our personalized program works with your body instead of against it. Find your energy again, shed the pounds, sleep better, improve libido, and focus easier. Our world class team is ready to guide you to feel, look and function your best again.

Feel Your Best

We’ve helped over 35,000+ people increase their longevity, performance and overall well-being through our personalized program. Our Elite Health Program is tailored specifically around your unique body and lifestyle. By combining modern science-backed medicine with a proactive and preventive approach, we’re able to identify and reverse negative health trends before they take hold on your health. 













Boost Energy

The energy you felt in your 20’s might seem unreachable, but it’s still very attainable in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. The key is balancing hormones and creating healthy lifestyle choices that make sense for your goals and schedule.


Lose Weight

It can feel nearly impossible at times to stop the weight from coming on, even with dieting. Our exercise and nutrition coaches help you lose weight, gain muscle and feel stronger by finding what works for your body.


Enhance Libido

Intimacy is one of the most important factors in your life. Working with your Cenegenics® physician, you can enhance performance, stamina and drive using trusted and proven methods.


Mental Acuity

There’s nothing more valuable than the memories you cherish. To manage risk factors as we age, we evaluate your nutrition and exercise habits, as well as your hormone balance and cognitive function. All aspects of your health are interrelated and important to creating overall wellness.


Sleep Better

Circadian rhythms are what regulate our sleeping patterns and are linked to hormone production. Cenegenics® can help to improve sleep patterns through optimizing lifestyle habits. We balance and monitor these levels closely (when clinically indicated), leading to restful and healing sleep.


​“My cholesterol went from 212 down to 170, and my waist size went down 4 inches. Look at the results! It’s been great.”

Anthony Maffei, M.D.